How to ship your monkey

While we welcome everyone to pick up their monkey at Primate’s Home, this is so you can see exactly where your primate pet comes from, we do realize that it is not ideal for all of our customers, so we provide air shipping to most states. We primarily use American Airlines, WestJet and Delta Airlines. All our monkeys are shipped in a travel crate of medium size that is ideal for approximately the first 6 months of crate training.

All monkeys that are shipped will be microchipped before shipping. Our monkeys are very well taken care of during the shipping process, and We have never incurred any shipping problems through these companies. I try to ship with American and Delta airlines but will utilize United and Alaskan airlines when needed. If it is necessary to ship with United Airlines or Alaskan Airlines the price will be higher. All prices can vary with locations and time of year.

 All monkeys are 5 weeks of age before they are ready to ship. Your monkey will arrive the same day it is shipped, and you will be given a time of arrival within which you will have to pick up at your closest airport or home delivery can be arranged to your desired address too. You will also need a picture ID in order to receive your monkey, so please notify us before shipping if someone other than you will be picking your monkey up so that we can get the correct names for the paperwork.  

Is it really Safe to ship a monkey?

Many people ask if it is safe to ship a monkey. Flying in an airplane is just as safe as traveling in a car and possibly less stressful than a long car ride. A lot of people think animals are drugged, put in a box, tossed around with the rest of the baggage or left in hot planes for hours etc. If this was true, then we would never ship our monkeys!! After almost 7 years of shipping monkeys all over the USA and Canada we have never had one problem besides normal flight delays and that is fairly rare as well.

United Pet Safe and Alaska Airlines are the best pet shippers by far. Your monkey will not be stacked on top of suitcases. Airlines have special places for pets so that they will be protected from cargo and luggage. It is temperature controlled and pressurized just like the cabin. Monkeys are never drugged. They’re shipped in a new airline approved plastic crate in which they can easily see out the sides and front, with food, water, and a blanket.

During layovers (if there is one) the monkeys are taken off the plane and placed in a temperature-controlled holding room until they can be put on their connecting flight. My Wife preparing the dog crate for shipping Extra food is taped to the side of the crate in the event of an unexpected layover/delay. Shipping pups takes a lot of time and planning. Monkeys must be taken to the vet just before shipping to get a shipping health certificate. We’ve safely shipped our Capuchin monkeys all over the United States and Canada without any problem.

For more information or to arrange for a direct home delivery of your new monkey, please text or email us. How It Works For a flat service fee your monkey will be hand-delivered to your home address after arrival from your major airport! Once the purchase of your monkey is complete,

We will work with you to make all the necessary travel arrangements. After selecting an agreed upon time, date, and flight, we will email you the travel information. Your monkey will fly safely to meet you at your nearest major airport or at your home address. During the flight, A shipping agent always supervises your monkey and tends to your monkey’s every need. You are Welcome to Pick Up Your Monkey and Meet the Parents and Grandparents too!

You will see the loving temperaments of all our Capuchin monkeys and the environment where they have been raised. Note, we currently have a FREE SHIPPING promotion offered by the delivery agency to ship 2 monkeys for free so the first 2 monkeys bought from us will be shipped free (monkey nanny services included).